Travel Photography : “Scenic view” Di Puncak Bukit Labuan Sunday, Teluk Mandeh


Pemandangan dari lereng bukit ke arah Barat Laut.

Sore itu, setelah kami beristirahat di dalam cottage, aku berjalan memanjat bukit di belakang Labuan Sunday resort. Aku siapkan kamera Sony Alpha6000 ku. Aku jalan sendiri karena isteriku masih ingin istirahat, dia menunggu matahari sungguh-sungguh rendah.

Cottage di Labuan Sunday Resort, di latart belakng terlihat bukit. Dari puncak bukit itu kami bisa mendapatkan pemandangan alam yang sangat indah .

Labuan Sunday adalah satu resort di dalam teluk Mandeh, masih termasuk daratan Sumatera Barat, namun untuk mencapainya perlu berperahu motor dari dermaga tempat pelelangan ikan ( TPI ) di Carocok, Tarusan. Labuan Sunday termasuk dalam Kawasan Wisata Mandeh di kabupaten Pesisir Selatan. Hari itu, hari sabtu ketika kami tiba, suasana Labuan Sunday resort tidak ramai, bahkan ternyata hanya kami berdua yang menginap di situ. Kami merasa beruntung, karena suasana sepi inilah yang kami inginkan sejak kami berangkat dari Jakarta tadi pagi subuh.

Aku mulai memanjat bukit di belakang resort, aku berharap bisa mendapatkan pemandangan yang lebih luas ke arah seantero laut yang mengelililing Labuan Sunday. Aku memanjat bukit dengan hati-hati sambil mengamati detak jantungku dengan menggunakan arloji cerdas Garmin Fenix 3HR di pergelanganku. Sebagai sikap hati-hati dan waspada, Aku harus memonitor detak jantungku. Ketika detak jantungku di atas 110 per menit aku ambil istirahat. Ini hal yang sama aku lakukan ketika mendaki kawah Ijen di Banyuwangi.

Garmin Fenix 3HR ini sangat membantu aku sebagai photographer karena dia bisa menunjukkan arah mata angin dengan tepat, untuk memperkirakan posisi matahari terbit dan terbenam. Juga dia bisa menunjukkan kapan waktu matahari terbit dan terbenam di tempat kita berada.

Aku memanjat bukit dengan membawa kamera Sony Alpha6000 kesayanganku dengan lensa Carl Zeiss F4 16-70 mm. Suatu kombinasi yang sangat canggih, ringan dan “high-tech” untuk travel photography.

Pemandangan ke arah Barat Laut dari lereng bukit Labuan Sunday.


Pemandangan indah ke arah utara dari lereng bukit Labuan Sunday.

Tak lama kemudian isteriku menyusulku mendaki bukit di belakang Labuan Sunday resort. Kami berdua menikmati pemandangan sore yang indah di bukit Labuan Sunday.


Culture Photography : Ogoh-ogoh Festival in Ancol in Celebrating Balinese Hinduisme Nyepi Day.


This was the first time that Ancol Dream land park held the festival of Ogo-ogoh.

This festival has been the first and largest event that Ancol Dreamland Park held. I believe that they had achieved their goal of this event to educate cultural diversity in Indonesia, as it has ever been said by Recreation Director of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Teuku Sahir Syahali in a written statement that I know it was received many Warta Kota.

In this event, The Ancol Ancol Dreamland Park took the Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) to collaborate and dedicate this event to visitors who visited in Ancol Dreamland Park. According to this tradition is quite in demand by many foreign and domestic tourists.

The opening of Ogoh-ogoh festival in Ancol beach celebrating the Balinese Hinduism Nyepi Day for the Saka New Year 1940.

This year, in 2018, the Balinese Hinduism Nyepi Day falls on the 17 March 2018. The day after the Nyepi Day, the Balinese hold the Ogoh-ogoh festival. The Balinese Hinduism around Jakarta held an Ogoh-ogoh festival and Bali art performance in the Lagoon beach of Ancol Jakarta Dreamland in North Jakarta.

  • Nyepi – Balinese New Year or the Day of Silence according to the Hindu Saka calendar. The root word, sepi, means quiet. The day of no fire, no light, no entertainment, no work, no travelling, and no ceremonies.

The festival started on 14.00 and finish at around 16.30. There were many art performance from various Banjar ( Balinese village or community ) in the surrounding Jakarta, such as from Tigaraksa Tangerang, Banten and others. I notice there at least four Banjar ( Balinese community ) presented an art performance. The performance were the Ogoh-ogoh and theatrical dance with the theme story taken from the wisdom story of Balinese Hinduism.

An Ogoh-ogoh presented by a Banjar in Jakarta.

The Ogoh-Ogoh presented in Ancol consist of six units from various banjar ( Balinese Hinduism community ) with a team of dancers who are dancers, and musical companion baleganjur which amounted to hundreds of people. The Ogoh-Ogoh looked splendid.

The Ogoh-Ogoh rally crossed the Bende Ancol area to the Lagoon Beach Plaza. Interestingly enough the ogoh-ogoh accompaniment were performed with different story lines.

Ogoh-ogoh are statues built for the Ngrupuk parade, which takes place on the eve of Nyepi day in Bali, Indonesia. Ogoh-ogoh normally have form of mythological beings, mostly demons. As with many creative endeavours based on Balinese Hinduism, the creation of Ogoh-ogoh represents spiritual aims inspired by Hindu philosophy.[1][2]

The main purpose of the making of Ogoh-ogoh is the purification of the natural environment of any spiritual pollutants emitted from the activities of living beings (especially humans). The forms of Ogoh-ogoh represent the Bhuta-Kala (Bhuta: eternal energy, Kala: eternal time), according to Hindu teachings. The imperceptible potentials of nature cannot be thoroughly explored by anyone. Philosophically, civilized men are required to manage the natural resources without damaging the environment itself.

“In addition to the colossal parade of the Ogoh-Ogoh, the visitors watched the performance of kecak dance, baleganjur, and other art performance.

Kecak dance with the story line of Ramayana showing Rahwana and Shita.

PIK Marina : Jakarta Sunset and Landscape Photography Laboratory


I call it as a landscape photography laboratory since many of young or beginner photographer even the senior professional one takes this place as an open space photography laboratory. People can make photographic experiment such as long exposure, sunset photography, experiment with various filter and modeling photography. I also learned landscape photography in here with many senior photographer.

This place is called the Marina Pantai Indah Kapuk. To go to this place, we have to enter the Pantai Indah Kapuk residential complex via the Jalan Pantai Mutiara up to the Northern end of the road. At the Northern end of the road we will arrive at a pier whe we can see some yacht is tied and parked. It is an exclusive and expensive housing complex. The estate is strongly guarded by the security forces. It is the housing complex for very rich people. Some inhabitans posses yacht that tied and parked in the pier nearby the housing complex.

A yacht belong to the one of the complex resident, was tied in the pier.

At the pier, there is a spot in the estate that very near by the sea. From this spot we can see the Regatta apartment building. There is 7 towers of the Regatta apartement. This Regatta tower apartment become the subject of the landscape or cityscape photography. If we look at the Regatta towers , we are looking to the West or to the sunset side. The sun will go down behind the Regatta towers.

The sunset in the Regatta tower, Photo shot by Arif Wibowo using Sonya A6000, Casiotel Soft gnd filter and CPL filter.

There are many spot in this site to shoot the Regatta tower. So, we can have many-many version of the Regatta tower landscape under the sunset illumination. The picture above was one of Regatta tower view under a sunset illumination.

Thanks to Oceanie. A model and TV presenter that I shot in the PIK Marina.

The interesting one of this site is that the scene of the area change from month to month. The photographer expect that they can get a bright sunset when the sea is low tide. In thd low tide season there a lot of artefaks come up to surface and become interesting foreground.

Long exposurd shot in the blue hour time during the low tide season. It gives a nice 3 dimensional spatial effect.

My Trip to Pesisir Selatan of West Sumatra

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This might be the third time I made a trip to West Sumatera or Sumatera Barat Province. The first time was when I with my family took a private tour and the second one was when I made a trip with my office geoscientist colleague of EMP several years a go.

Both of the tŕips took me to the northern part of West Sumatera. At this time , I went to the southern coast of West Sumatera. The direction was due South from Padang. Padang is the capital city of West Sumatera or Sumatera Barat Province.

To the South, Padang is bordered to Pesisir Selatan Regency. Pesisir Selatan regency is about 56 km from Padang city. This time I made a trip to the South of Padang. I arrived at Minangkabau International Airport in Padang on Saturday 24 February 2018. This time, I was with my wife to make this trip to Sumatera Barat. My office gave us an opportunity to attend a pre-retirement course in Bukittinggi, Sumatera Barat. The course would start on 27 February 2018, I came early to Padang to take an advantage by making a trip to southern part of Sumatera Barat ( West Sumatera ). So, I have 3 day and 2 night before we join the pre-retirement course in Bukittingi.

As we read on the newspaper lately, I and my wife were interested to visit the Mandeh tourism estate in Pesisir Selatan regency and the Nagari with 1000 Rumah Gadang ( Minang traditional house ) in Solok Selatan regency.

I did some browsing and consulted with some local tour operator in Padang. They did not suggest me to visit these two places in our available time, because the Nagari with 1000 Rumah Gadang is too far away from Mandeh. Our time was not sufficient and we had to choose one from the other. Finally I and my wife chose to visit Mandeh tourism estate in Pesisir Selatan regency.

After a long research and discussion, I chose Duta Pesona Wisata to support my trip to Mandeh and Padang. I told them that one of my intention of the trip was taking photos. I like taking photos of landscape, sunset or sunrise. So, I told them to provide me with itenerary and driver who understand my passion and can help me finding a scenic places for photos.

On Saturday 24 February 2018, I and my wife took the first flight from Jakarta and I arrived at Minangkabau International Airport on 08.05 in the morning by GA160. A driver and a Toyota Innova picked us up in the airport. Ogit was the name of the driver. Before we left the airport we took some photos of ourself on a good spot with a nice view back ground.

Apparently this place was made for the traveller or visitor who came to the airport to take some memorable nice photos. The spot show the beautiful landscape of West Sumatera with the mountaneous terrain as a background.

When the driver pick me up at the aiport, I was surprised that the driver picked me up with a Toyota Kijang Innova 2016. It was a new type of Kijang Innova. Originally I and Duta Pesona agreed to use a Toyota Avanza, with the rental price of 400 thousand rupiah per day including driver without petrol. But Duta Pesona gave me a Toyota Innova with the same price. The driver said to me that they ran out of Avanza. It was lucky for us! Rezeki anak soleh, that usually I thanked God for the fortune. By Toyota Innova, of course the trip from Padang to Mandeh became very enjoyable. The mountainous road between Padang to Carocok was great with Kijang Innova.

We drove to the South of Padang and we enjoyed many scenic view a long the road. One of interesting place was Teluk Bayur port beach. It is an old and legendary seaport of Padang. I remembered when I was a child there was a song about Port Teluk Bayur sung by Erni Djohan, a lady singer in the 60s. That song had made made Teluk Bayur become more populer.

We stopped in some spot of Teluk Bayur beach and took photos of me and my wife. Well, this is a great opportunity for us enjoying the trip paid by my company before I retire.😊😊.

From Teluk Bayur onward, the road started to climb up in hilly and mountaineous terrain. We found and stop at a spot that we could see the Teluk Bayur port from the height.

Teluk Bayur view from the hight of the hill.

Not far away from here, we arrive at the border between Padang city and the Pesisir Selatan regency. In the border there was viewing tower in a trangle junction on the road. In the viewing tower there was a mosque and a rest area for the traveller. Many people taking photos on the viewing tower.

Viewing tower at the border of Padang city to Pesisir Selatan regency ( Kabupaten )

Beside the road we drove, there was a beautiful river with the montain in the background. We stopped for a while in a bridge and walk a long the bridge to view the river with the beautiful mountain.

After several tens kilometer we drove forward, we arrived at the Peak of Mandeh. This is a high place that allow us to view to the West, or to the bay of Mandeh. We can see the many small island in the bay of Mandeh. It was a beautiful scenery!.

Viewing from Mandeh Peak to the bay.

After spent some time on the top of the peak we drove down to the pier of TPI Carocok Tarusañ. This is a port for fishermen sell their fish but this was also the pier for people who want to sail to the island or going to the Labuan Sunday resort. We would go to the Labuan Sunday resort and do hoping island in the next day.

Travel Photography : Labuan Sunday di Teluk Mandeh, Pesisir Selatan, Sumatera Barat.


Summary : Mandeh tourism estate in the Pesisir Selatan regency, West Sumatera is an emerging tourism destination. The estate consist of a bay that is called Teluk Mandeh with many small islands within the bay. The isle can be seen beautifully from a peak in Sumatera mainland called Puncak Mandeh. From Puncak Mandeh people can see the calm and clear water with the islands. It looks like Raja Ampat in Papua. So, Mandeh was named as Sumatera Barat ” Raja Ampat”. I had a chance to visit Mandeh tourism estate, stay at Labuan Sunday resort and shots beautiful and scenic view. Below is my story in Bahasa Indonesia.


Hari Sabtu 24 February 2018 pagi dengan menumpang pesawat GA160, tiba di Bandara Internasional Minangkabau, Padang pukul 8.05. Kami berdua dijemput dengan mobil Kijang Innova langsung meluncur ke arah selatan, keluar kota Padang. Kami menuju kawasan wisata Mandeh di Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan.

Bandar Udara Internasional Minangkabau, bandara baru yang megah. Punya banyak spot foto yang instagramable.

Perjalanan kami menyusuri pantai Teluk Bayur dan terus menuju Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan. Kawasan Wisata Mandeh di Pesisir Selatan adalah tujua wisata yang sedang berkembang dan dikembangkan oleh Pemerintah Propinsi Sumatera Barat. Begitu banyak publikasi tentang Kawasan Wisata Mandeh yang katanya sebagai Raja Ampat nya Sumatera Barat. Hal inilah yang membuat kami penasaran untuk mengunjunginya.

Kebetulan kami ada program seminar kantor di kota Bukittinggi, maka kami datang ke Sumatera Barat 3 hari sebelum seminar kami dimulai, sehingga kami bisa mengunjungi wilayah Pesisir Selatan dari Sumatera Barat. Tujuan kami adalah Puncak Mandeh dan menyeberang ke Labuan Sunday di Kawasan Wisata Mandeh untuk menginap di sana. Kami menggunakan jasa Duta Pesona Wisata untuk mendukung perjalanan kami mengunjungi Kawasan Wisata Mandeh.

Kawasan Wisata Mandeh merupakan kawasan wisata yang terletak di Kecamatan Koto XI Tarusan, Pesisir Selatan yang berbatas langsung dengan Kota Padang. Kawasan ini hanya berjarak 56 km dari Padang dengan Luas ± 18.000 ha dan waktu tempuh sekitar 56 menit. Kawasan Wisata Mandeh melingkupi 7 kampung di 3 nagari yang dihuni oleh 9.931 jiwa penduduk dengan mata pencaharian bertani, berternak dan nelayan.

Ini adalah gerbang perbatasan antar Kota Padang dan Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan, tempat kawasan wisata Mandeh.

Untuk menuju Labuan Sunday resort, kami harus menyeberangi teluk melalui dermaga Tempat Pelelangan Ikan ( TPI ) di Carocok Tarusan. Bandara Internasional Minangkabau tempat kami mendarat berjarak 86 km atau 2 jam 30 menit hingga ke TPI Carocok Tarusan.

Sebelum tiba di Carocok, kami mampir di Puncak Mandeh untuk melihat kawasan teluk Mandeh dari puncak bukit. Kami tiba di Puncak Mandeh sekitar pukul 11 siang. Dari Puncak Mandeh kami bisa melihat gugusan pulau-pulau kecil di dalam teluk Mandeh. Orang mengatakan pemandangannya mirip di Raja Ampat Papua.

Puncak Mandeh. Pemandangan dari Puncak Mandeh ke arah teluk yang dihiasi oleh gugusan pulau yang indah.

Dari Puncak Mandeh ke dermaga TPI Carocok Tarusan makan waktu sekitar 20 menit. Dermaga Carocok ini merupakan pelabuhan nelayan dan sekaligus tempat pelelangan ikan. Kapal-kapal nelayan banyak bersandar di situ, namun dermaga ini juga menjadi pelabuhan untuk para pelancong yang akan menginap di Labuan Sunday resort atau bepergian mengunjungi pulau-pulau kecil di dalam teluk seperti pulau Sironjong Gadang, Sironong Ketek atau Pulau Sutan.

Kami tiba di Carocok pukul 12, sebuah kapal telah siap menunggu kami di dermaga untuk menyeberang ke Labuan Sunday. Perahu motor yang disediakan eksklusif untuk kami berdua. Kami bebas menentukan waktu berangkat kami. Sebelum berangkat aku sempat melihat dan mengamati suasana dermaga pelabuhan tempat pelelangan ikan di sekelilingnya.

Dermaga TPI Carocok Tarusan di Pesisir Selatan, tempat kami menyeberang menuju Labuan Sunday.

Selepas dari dermaga Carocok menuju Labuan Sunday, kami sudah disuguhi suasana laut yang tenang dan pemandangan pulau-pulau kecil yang indah. Langit biru sedikit berawan membuat pelayaran ini terasa teduh dan hangat. Angin sepoi dan suasananya bisa membebaskan kami dari kepenatan Jakarta.

Gairah seorang pelancong ( traveller ) merasakan kebebasan dan kelegaan, melepaskan himpitan tekanan Jakarta di tengah pelayaran di teluk yang teduh.

Hanya 20 menit dengan perahu motor, tibalah kami di dermaga Labuan Sunday resort. Begitu tiba di Labuan Sunday resort, kami sudah disuguhi pemandangan alam yang indah. Pantai yang jernih airnya dan tenang ombaknya. Pantai di Labuan Sunday resort seperti sebuah lagoon. Airnya jernih dan tenang karena terhalang dari lautan lepas Samudera Hindia oleh pulau-pulau kecil disekitarnya.

Merapat di dermaga Labuan Sunday resort. Dermaga dengan air yang jernih dan tenang.

Setibanya kami di Labuan Sunday resort, kami santap siang hidangan yang telah disediakan. Hidangan makanan laut dan sayuran rebus terasa sangat nikmat disantap dalam hembusan angin laut yang lembut. Kami beruntung mendapati Labuan Sunday resort sedang sepi walaupun itu hari Sabtu. Sehingga menambah suasana menjadi lebih pribadi dan alami. Kami senang menikmati kesunyian pantai sambil mendengarkan suara ombak yang gemericik lembut. Itu semua bisa kami dapatkan di Labuan Sunday resort di Teluk Mandeh ini.

Suasana Labuan Sunday resort yang eksklusif, menjanjikan ketenangan dan keterpencilan yang kami cari.

Sore itu, setelah santap siang, rencananya kami akan berperahu motor keliling teluk mengunjungi pulau-puĺau, namun kami tunda besok pagi karena kami ingin menikmati sore di Labuan Sunday lebih lama sambil minum kopi dan makan gorengan.

Suasana teduh dan santai terasa dari dalam ruang makan bersama.

Sambil makan siang kami memandang ke arah laut yang tenang. Pepohonan hijau membuat suasana teduh walaupun matahari bersinar terang.

Kami duduk berdua sambil memandang perbukitan di pulau di tengah laut. Laut yang tenang berombak halus dan jernih. Riak-riak ombak halus gemiricik unyu mengusap pantai pasir putih ke kuningan. Pulau-pulau itu membentengi teluk Mandeh dari gelombang Samudera Hindia. Pohon-pohon nyiur menjulur dari pantai ke arah laut, tanda mereka tumbuh mengejar matahari.

Kami akan naik ke atas bukit di belakang Labuan Sunday, setelah menikmati kopi sore dan berfoto di sinar matahari sore.






Red Moon Captured in Bintaro Kodam, Pesanggrahan Jakarta

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This super moon event was a very rare one in our life. This supermoon in 31 January was very special as it only happen 152 years once.

I captured this super moon in Pesanggrahan district of South Jakarta city.

January 31 became a rare momentum for three simultaneous lunar events. NASA identified three phenomena in the form of supermoon, blue moon, and total lunar eclipse. This event is awaited everyone around the world because it promises beautiful moon sighting.
The moon on January 31 will be a supermoon. This event to call the Moon that was in perigee, the point closest to Earth. That means the moon will be about 14 percent larger and brighter than usual, according to NASA, as reported by Huffington Post.
Supermoon is then called the blue moon. Why? Because, supermoon today is the second full moon in January. This full moon is usually separated by 29 days.
Each calendar month only has one full moon. So, if it happens twice like that on January 31 later, this event is commonly referred to as the blue moon. Blue moon phenomenon is also rare because the average occurs two and a half years.
“The term blue moon means there are two full moons a month, but it depends on where you are,” said Fred Espenak, emeritus scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to Wired.
But what really makes this supermoon and blue moon spectacular is the fact that this phenomenon coincides with other lunar events today: the total lunar eclipse.

Travel Photography : Sundown in Karang Bobos beach, Banten


Karang Bobos beach is one of the spot in southern coastline of Banten Province of Indonesia. It is in the Lebak Regency.  In the long week of 1 Suro ( Javanese -Islamic New Year, 21 September 2017), from Jakarta I and my wife drove to the West in the Jakarta-Merak toll road then went to the South at the Serang Timur exit. I drove further down south via Pandeglang and Malingping. At the Malingping I continue driving to the East a long the coastline. Then I found this place in the early afternoon. I looked  around for the nice places for photographing landscape under the sundown illumination.

The Lebak regency appear to be a developing area. A good cement road along the coastline serves the economic growth on this area. Even though now the tourism support facilities is still limited, I believe Lebak will be a great natural tourism destination. The people we mwt there were so kind. We did not sleep in a hotel but a home-stay at a local family that we just met there unprecedentedly.